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Wine Storage Tips You May Not Know

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If you love wine, you may love these tips on wine storage! 


  • 55° F is the "ideal" temperature for wine storage. However, storage temperature can range anywhere from 45° F to 60° F so long as the wine is consumed within a few years of purchase.

  • Keeping wine refrigerated can dry out the cork, causing air to enter the bottle and damage the wine. 

  • Liquid in the wine can freeze if left exposed to cold temperatures (left in your freezer or outside during winter), thus increasing pressure within the bottle and potentially pushing the cork out.

  • Wine is often stored using colored glass because it prevents the sun's damaging UV rays from prematurely aging or degrading the wine (the same is true for bottled beer).

  • 50-80% humidity is ideal for wine storage. Unless you live in an extremely dry or extremely humid climate, humidity usually is not something to fret over.

  • Storing bottles on their sides is not entirely necessary if you are planning on drinking the wine in the near future.

  • Wine bottled with anything other than real cork can be stored upright for any period of time, as these bottles' caps/corks are not at risk of drying out.

  • Small vibrations to bottled wine will not affect the taste in the short-term. This is a different story if the wine is being aged for more than a few years. 


Note: These tips are not meant for long-term wine aging processes. 



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