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Valuables? Donít Put Them At Risk

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Have you ever wondered what would happen in the unfortunate event that your home was burglarized?† If you havenít, you should.† Itís always smart to know where your valuables are at all times to ensure theyíre safe and secure.† Whereís the best place to store your valuables?†

While a safe in your closet is the most common answer, thatís also what thieves will be looking for when ransacking your home.† Think outside the box when storing your valuables.

  1. Hidden safes:† These are safes that are disguised as something else, such as an air vent.† No one would ever know the difference between the two!
  2. Medicine cabinet style safe:† Similar to the aforementioned safe, this allows† large items to be secure.
  3. Old containers:† Keep old cooking containers to store small valuables in them.† Who would think to look in a jar of sea salt for your family heirlooms?
  4. Books:† You can either make your own or buy one.† Essentially, this is a book that opens up and has storage in it! Donít judge a book by its cover.

What are some clever ways you store your valuables?†


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