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Vacation & Your Sleep Schedule

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A lot of people say that when they are on vacation, whether itís for a weekend or a week or more, they have trouble sleeping.† Why is that?† You should be relaxed if youíre on vacation!† Hereís how to sleep better, like youíre in your own bed.


Know your preferences.† Do you like a pitch black room or a night light?† Do you like it to be hot or cold?† This is a simple fix in most cases.


Bring your home with you.† Not literally, but if you have your own pillows or blankets, itís likely to remind you of being at home.† This can help you sleep better.


Be prepared.† Whether itís unexpectedly having to book a hotel right by the interstate or being a few time-zones away from your own, always be proactive and not reactive.† If youíre a light sleeper, itís probably best to always travel with ear plugs.† If you know youíll be a few hours ahead or behind† your time-zone, try to adjust the best way you can a few days in advance.


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