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Top Six Storage Mistakes To Avoid

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Items that are placed in self-storage in Lexington, KY are often quickly forgotten by their owners. Due to this and occasional carelessness, the items may be damaged. Many families run into common mistakes when they try to use a storage rental in Lexington, KY. For the best results, the following mistakes should be avoided.

Creating a Retention Schedule

The Internal Revenue Service requires tax forms to be kept for a set period of time. In addition, many businesses have requirements for their financial documents. To make storing documents easier, families and businesses should create a retention schedule. This schedule will show when documents can be shredded and how long they must be stored.

Storing Items at Home

Storing important records at home can be a risky decision by businesses or companies. Electronic documents and files are not secure when they are kept at home. To ensure that these files are safe from prying eyes, individuals should put them in storage in Lexington. KY.

Choosing not to Label Items

The goal of storing records or personal items is to make sure that they are there when the family needs them. If items are not labeled, families will have to look through every box to find their summer clothes. Likewise, companies have to properly index files. This allows staff members to find the documents in the storage rental in Lexington, KY when they need it.

Using the Wrong Materials

Items that are placed in storage in Lexington, KY must be carefully packed and wrapped. White clothes and linens will turn yellow if they are kept in contact with the acids in some tissue paper or plastic. Likewise, fine china and glassware must be carefully wrapped up to prevent any damage. If the items are not properly taken care of, they will break or weaken.

Following the Law

Companies that are storing documents have to make sure that they are following all of the applicable laws. Data has to be protected over the long-term. To make sure the documents are still viable, they should be safely stored and regularly checked. This ensures that any electronic file can be instantly accessed in an emergency. By storing the files in a storage rental in Lexington, KY, companies can make sure that they have a backup to items at the office. In the event of a fire or flood, this careful planning ensures that the files are kept safe. In addition, the company should always stay up-to-date on current privacy laws to make sure that the files are stored correctly. Many storage units in Lexington, KY have staff members who are familiar with applicable laws. The staff members can also recommend the ideal storage unit for a company’s extra items.

Selecting the Wrong Size of Unit

A storage unit can look like a gigantic space when it is empty. With additional clothes, furniture and electronics placed in storage, families will soon discover that the space fills up quickly. Self-storage units in Lexington, KY should be carefully selected so that the size of the unit fits the amount of items that will be placed in it. In addition, families should also consider the future toys, furniture and clothes that will be added as their children grow up.


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