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Top Five Tips To Moving Heavy Items

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Whether itís a large piece of furniture or a bulky kitchen appliance, moving heavy items are always more trouble than theyíre worth.† Always remember that when moving heavy items, using your brain as well as your brawn will help prevent incurring injuries such as pulled muscles and a bad back.† Here are some tips to move these items with ease:

1. Remove all jewelry and loose fitting clothing.† Itís never a good thing to trip over pants that are too long or scratch your wrist on that nice watch.†

2. Lift with your legs, not your back.† Hurting your back will prevent you from any lifting motion needed to move large items.

3. Make sure you know where exactly you are moving the item.† Keep in mind if you are going to need to take the item through a doorway, and if itís even feasible to fit said item through the doorway.

4.† Pushing is oftentimes easier than pulling.† Keep in mind there are also floor sliders to prevent any damage to the floor.

†5.† Know whether or not you should take the item apart, such as desks or dressers.† Be sure to remove any sliding drawers from these items as well.

After you move your items, you will have the proper tools such as dollies and carts available to use at Lexington Mini Storage.

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