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Tips For Tiny Home Living

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Whether you are part of the Tiny Home movement or you just live in a small apartment, finding ways to effectively utilize your space can be difficult. Lexington Mini-Storage is here to help!


1. Downsize. A lot of kitchen appliances are only occasionally used, yet occupy a lot of valuable space. Gather up those rarely used items and either re-sell them or donate them to your local Salvation Army.

2. Dead Space. Donít be afraid to go to new heights...literally. The space between the top of your kitchen cupboards is a great space for keeping items out of sight. Another great place for storage: under the bed. You buy a bed frame with built-in drawers, or just use the space effectively by storing suitcases or storage bins underneath.

3. More Shelving! Get a headboard with shelves. If you donít have extra floor space, use a shelf as a night stand.

4. Dual Purpose Furniture. Couches that fold out as a bed, ottomans that double as storage, they are all great pieces that help hide the clutter. Instead of having a coffee table, use a trunk with a lid (you can store magazines, books, coasters and entertainment items in there).

5. Utilize Wall Space. This goes along with using more shelving. Open wall shelving prevents your walls from looking cluttered while at the same time providing a lot of storage opportunities.

6. Stackables. Stackable bins (for your cupboards) and tupperware (for your refrigerator) make the most out of the space and allow for other items.

7. Be Clever. Look for places that could be used more efficiently, and your home will be organized in no time!


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