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Tips For Storing Winter Clothes

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Individuals who are looking for storage units Lexington can find ample locations to store their clothes. To make sure that the clothes are put into storage units in Lexington KY correctly, these ideas can help.  One of the most common problems is figuring out how to prevent clothing from being damaged during the winter.  With storage in Lexington, KY, people can make sure that their garments are kept looking brand new.

Make Sure Pockets are Emptied and Cleaned

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Before storing anything, families should make sure to empty the pockets. There may be liquids, food or money in the pockets. Although finding a few dollars is always welcome, any food or liquids can damage the clothing. If a pen is kept in the pockets, it could end up leaking and staining.  Individuals who want storage units, Lexington have to make sure that their clothes are properly stored before they lock them away in storage units in Lexington, KY.  

Wash Everything

Before anyone can store anything, they must make sure that it is cleaned very well.  If there is a stain, crumbs, or even a strange odor, then the item cannot be stored without potential damage.  Once everything is cleaned, it must be properly dried.  Even if it is just a little damp, it should not be packed. 

Make Sure to Select the Right Container

One of the most important things to remember when storing garments is to have the right containers. People often make this mistake and select containers that do not suit the items of clothing. They must make sure that the container can be tightly sealed. If this is not possible, the items should be placed in vacuum bags to make sure that moisture is kept out.  Once a container is selected, individuals have to make sure that they seal it completely.  

Selecting the Right Location

An excellent place to store items is a clean, dry, dark place. Although many people want to use a basement, this is an unfortunate choice since many basements are damp. Likewise, attics tend to be too hot during the summer and the temperature changes can damage clothes. If clothing is stored at home, a guest room or closet tends to work well. Since most homes are lacking in extra space, a storage unit can be used instead.


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