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7 Tips For Storing A Vehicle

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Sometimes we find ourselves needing to store a vehicle for an extended period of time. Whether you are going out of the country, your son or daughter is going off to college, or you are a storing a valued collector's car, Lexington Mini Storage has you covered. 

Here are a few tips in preparing your vehicle for long-term storage. 

  • Fill. Fill the gas tank. This prevents any condensation from accumulating. Fill the tires with air. If you are storing for less than 6 months, fill up to the recommended PSI. If you are storing for more than 6 months, fill to 10 PSI below the recommended value, and keep the tires off of the ground. 
  • Wash. Washing the exterior gets excess particulates (such as bird feces and insect remnants) off that could negatively harm your paint over time. 
  • Change. Older oil can have damage the engine, so be sure to change the oil before your store it.
  • Charge. Batteries can eventually lose their charge over time. You may either disconnect the negative battery cable or purchase a battery tender. These devices hook up to an outlet, which then provide the battery with enough electricity to stay charged. 
  • Cover. Your car needs to be protected from the elements, and Lexington Mini Storage is the perfect place for your valued vehicle. However, if you need to leave it outside in the elements, be sure to purchase a waterproof water cover.
  • Prevent. Keeping critters like mice from making a home in your vehicle is important. Use steel wool to cover any areas where mice (or other animals) could enter your vehicle (ie. your exhaust pipe and air intake).
  • Stopper. Don't use the parking brake, as it can fuse to the rotors over time. Use a tire stopper to prevent any movement.


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