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Wrap Every Item Possible

People should always wrap everything that they can in acid-free tissue paper. Plastic, metal or glass items can be wrapped snugly within plastic or bubble wrap. For clothing and fabric, acid-free material has to be used or the fabric will become yellow over time. 


Stick a Label on it

Make sure that the moving boxes are properly labeled. Anyone looking for an item should not have to open up every box to find a single item. Large letters should be written on each package so that it is easy to read from a distance. If a marker is not easily found in the home, moving supplies can be located that are well suited for moving boxes. To make these boxes easier to label, similar items should always be grouped together.    We sell boxes at Lexington Mini-Storage.

Prepare Items for Future Temperature Changes

One thing to watch out for is drastic temperature changes throughout the year. Always make sure that everything is sealed up tight if there is not a heater or a cooler in the storage unit. The only way to truly protect precious valuables is to put them in climate controlled storage units. 

Plan Ahead

When putting things in storage, make sure to pack and store things so that everything is well organized. Cabinets or dressers can sometimes provide extra space for items. Within the units, boxes should be stacked so the heaviest boxes are on the bottom. If the storage space is at home, shelves can be built to provide extra space for books or knickknacks. Lexington Mini-Storage makes it easy for you to grow up or down with a new storage unit to best fit your needs.


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