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With the cost of designer clothes and winter jackets, throwing away last year’s coat is a waste of money. Instead, many families choose to put their seasonal clothes in a storage rental at Lexington Mini Storage. In addition to seasonal items, keepsake items and outgrown children’s clothes can be carefully stored for future children or grandchildren. Storage units in are ideally suited for clothes storage because they can help keep your house clutter free while the clothes aren't in season.

Storing Pants and Jeans

Before jeans are put in storage, they should be completely washed and dried. This storage tip is true for any type of cloth or linen item. To make it easier to locate each item, they can be stored according to hem length. Stores frequently use this type of storage system. Each pair of jeans is sorted according to whether it is regular length, ankle length or long. For individuals with an extra-large jeans collections, this storage method makes it easier to locate different pairs of pants. Although the jeans can be stored on hangers, they suffer from less wear and tear if they are packed away in a flat box.

Seasonal Clothing

Storage in Lexington, KY can be separated according to seasonal clothes. This makes it easier to find winter clothing or summer swimsuits when the right time of year approaches. Within these sections of the storage rental in Lexington, KY, the clothing can be further separated by its purpose. Event clothing, formal wear, hiking clothes or business suits can be kept together so locating each item is even simpler.

Roll up Active Wear

Fitness clothes, pajamas or loungewear do not have to be carefully folded like the other types of clothing. The fitness garments can be rolled up carefully so that they take up less room. This also prevents wrinkles and makes it easier to fit the casual clothes into a box or container. Socks, boxers, and t-shirts can be stored using the same method. Families should never overstuff boxes. In addition to making it difficult to find certain items, it can also cause wrinkles and damage to the fabric.

Avoid Plastic Bags and Boxes

Any type of plastic can ultimately cause fabric to yellow. In addition, plastic dry cleaning bags can trap moisture.  Plastic bags also tend to take up additional room and can make a storage unit more cluttered than it ought to be. Cedar or lavender can be used to ward away must, but they cannot be put directly onto the clothes.

Color Coding Options

The tips listed above will work extremely well for most families. For the extremely organized individuals out there, color-coding can make it simpler to find certain items. Each clothing item can be grouped by color so the eyes can instantly spot a particular garment. Storage units in can also include suits in a certain section. To make sure these items are not lost, the pants and suit jackets should be stored together within the unit.


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