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The History Of Storage Units

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How did storage units first originate?  Some report that the first commercial storage unit business started in Sioux City, Iowa in the late 1890s and then expanded as the Bekins family moved across the country. 

 After several decades of hiring moving trucks to put your belongings, self storage became an option.  In the 1960s, companies formed that allowed the customer to cut out the middle man and move their belongings into storage units themselves.  American consumerism was changing and so was the way that Americans began to store their extra belongings. 

 As more and more families began to utilize self storage units, companies have begun to offer upscale storage options, such as wine cellars and units large enough to store boats. 

 Both social and economic drivers have helped build the business of storage units, from the expansion of the United States in the 1890s, to the modern family where storage units may be needed for those who travel often.

 Lexington Mini Storage offers climate controlled storage units in two convenient locations in Lexington. 


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