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The Best Places To Hide Holiday Gifts Part 

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We all try to do our best to hide holiday gifts from our loved ones (especially those kiddos), sometimes unsuccessfully. Here are some gift storage tips for your holiday season!

If you are ordering gifts online, ship them to the home in which you will be celebrating the holidays. For example, if you celebrate at Grandma and Grandpa's house, ship them there. That way, there is no chance of your kids finding the gifts.

If you are having your holiday celebrations at your own home, you and a friend could swap gift storage spaces. That way, no surprises are spoiled!

If you are shopping in store, recycle any evidence. For example, don't let the kids see the logo on a plastic bag for their favorite toy store!

If you bought big-box items, "de-box" them (and secretly recycle the box). This takes up less storage space, and your kids won't be able to spot the large box in the corner as easily.

For younger kids, you can tell them that Santa's elves are always watching and report to Santa with any bad behavior.

Store gifts in the trunk. This really only works for sedans that have a closed-off trunk area. Younger kids will never look back there, yet you may have to consider a different hiding spot for older kids.

Rent a storage space with Lexington Mini-Storage. We have storage spaces of all sizes. Big or small, we will be able to store your perfect holiday gifts.


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