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Thanksgiving: Prepare Yourself!

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We all know Thanksgiving preparations can be hectic. Lexington Mini-Storage is here to help make Thanksgiving as easy as pumpkin pie. 

Prepare ahead. You can prep a lot of ingredients ahead of time (and even cook some dishes a day or two in advance), saving time on Thanksgiving Day to spend with your friends and family.

  • Pie Dough. You can make the the dough forms days in advance and then freeze them once the big day arrives.
  • Turkey stock and gravy. If you know of a butcher, you can easily go and get turkey extras to make a stock. You can easily freeze stock and gravy once they are made.
  • Prep your ingredients the a day or two beforehand: chop your onions and vegetables and, if possible, prepare entire side dishes ahead of time (though not all of us have a large enough refrigerator for this!).  


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