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Thanksgiving Day Kids' Activities

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means free time with the family. You can be sure to entertain your kids (and the rest of the family!) with these fun activities.

Are you hosting your extended family for Thanksgiving? Get your kids involved in welcoming them to your home with this welcome sign. Here's how: Cut a paper cup so it lies flat. This will be your template for your decorative paper wrap. Use double-sided tape to tape the decorative paper onto an uncut paper cup. Cut out "Welcome" letters and glue onto each paper cup.

If you're going to have a lot of family and friends over, you may want to make placecards for them. Involve your kids by having them write one reason they are thankful for each person on the back of each place card. 

Wish easter egg hunts weren't just once a year? Make a Turkey Feather Hunt! Hide any number of colored turkey feathers around your home and let the little ones search for them.

Didn't get enough of the fall leaf activities? Make cards out of found backyard leaves. Simply find a leaf design you like, lightly paint one side, and then press down on a piece of folded cardstock. 


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