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Summer's Hot But Our Storage Units Are Not

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It's no surprise that the summer months pack the heat, especially in Lexington, KY.  Items that you may not need right now and are in storage could be in danger if you don't take the proper precautions to combat the heat.

At Lexington Mini Storage, we offer climate controlled storage units.  This allows the user to set a "climate" for that unit to ensure that whatever may be in the storage unit is not damaged because of the scorching temperatures.  Room temperature is the preferable climate for most items, as they are less likely to suffer from extreme temperature changes.  

Below are some commonly stored items that are sensitive to the heat:

  • Delicate items

                - Family heirlooms, antiques, artwork

  • Electronics

                - CDs, cassetes, gaming consoles, computers

  • Collectibles

                - Photos, photo negatives, wine, stamps

Safeguard these items against the heat by renting out one of Lexington Mini Storage's storage units!

[caption id="attachment_1035" align="alignnone" width="300"] CDs are sensitive to the heat[/caption]


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