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Storing Musical Instruments With Care

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Before you put your musical instrument into a self storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage, here are some tips to make sure it will be in the same condition when you take it out as it was when you put it in. Treat your instrument well during musical instrument storage, and you could still be playing beautiful music decades later.

         Read up on caring for your particular instrument. Because each instrument has its own individual needs, a cleaning solution that works on one may destroy the finish of another.

       A  climate controlled self storage unit is vital when storing any instrument, so make sure the storage facility you choose can regulate both temperature and humidity.  To add an extra layer of protection against humidity, consider keeping your instrument in a polyurethane storage bag.

       Before placing a music instrument in storage, clean and dry it thoroughly. Treat it with a wax or polish if one is available, then disassemble the instrument and relax all strings.  Store your instrument in the case it came in. Even if the inside of the case has started to deteriorate, it will still work fine if you line it with acid-free paper.  Your instrument should never be exposed to the elements. If you’re storing a large item like a piano or drum set, protect it with a drop cloth.

       After removing your instrument from storage, clean it again and tune it. If you’ve taken the time to properly store it, it should sound as good as new within a matter of minutes.



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