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Storing Motorcycles For The Winter

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Before placing a motorcycle in self-storage Lexington KY, individuals should make sure to follow the proper steps. Vehicles that are stored for months or years need to be taken care in order to ensure that they have the longest life possible. Initially, corrosive agents should be removed to ensure that no harm comes to the motorcycle. If the motorcycle is only stored for less than a month, then it can be parked in storage like normal. Damage only occurs when the motorcycle is not driven regularly for an extended period of time.

Tools and Location

The first thing to do is to find the right storage Lexington KY place to put the motorcycle. It has to be kept away from any extreme temperatures. Any chemical fumes should be avoided because it can harm the rubber on the motorcycle. Generally, a storage rental in Lexington, KY works better than storing at home. Home garages are not climate-controlled and are often filled with other items. For the best results, the motorcycle must be stored in a dry area. Before placing it in storage, gasoline stabilizer, an oil filter and oil must be purchased from an auto-parts shop. These items can be used to change the oil and ensure that the gasoline is stabilized for storage.  Ride around for a while to ensure that all of the combustion by-products are burned before the oil is changed.

Fogging Oil and Spark Plugs

The next step prior to putting the motorcycle in self-storage Lexington, KY is to put the bike up on its center stand. If there is not a center stand, a milk crate or bike stand can be used. Afterward, the spark plugs have to be accessed. Dirt must be cleaned out from the spark plugs holes before they are removed. Next, fogging oil can be sprayed into the cylinders. At this point, the rear wheel should be turned slowly in order to spin the engine. Once this is done, the exhaust pipes can have WD40 applied before a balloon or bag covers the exhaust pipe. This prevents moisture from getting into the engine.

Before placing the motorcycle in storage Lexington, KY, individuals must do a final check of the motorcycle before removing the battery. The battery must be stored at room temperature. Since there is a significant amount of water and acid in the battery, it will freeze if temperatures drop too low. If the motorcycle is kept in a storage rental, Lexington KY, then the battery does not have to be removed. It will need to be charged periodically.


Final Steps


The last steps before storing the motorcycle away in self-storage Lexington, KY, individuals should wash, dry and wax the bike. During the winter, roadways frequently have salt on them. This can cause a great deal of harm to the bike if it is not washed off before it is stored. Once the bike has been washed and dried, a layer of wax will prevent the paint from oxidizing.



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