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Storing Leftover Paint

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You just got done repainting your living and dining rooms, but you realized after the job was done that you bought too much paint.† Donít let it go to waste!† Lexington Mini Storage has some great tips to properly store your paint cans.


Be sure to label the paint cans if it hasnít already been done.† This will save you some time in the future so you donít have to guess on which color is which.


When storing your paint cans, keep them in an area without any unnecessary moisture. †That can decrease your paintís shelf life.† If you donít have a spot for it in your house, Lexington Mini Storage offers climate controlled storage units that would be perfect to store your paint.


To add an extra layer of protection, you might want to place some plastic wrap on top of the paint can before securely putting the lid back on.† Not only does it safeguard against moisture, but it could help in the event of knocking a can over cause you donít want to clean up that mess!


Paint can ideally be stored for around a year or a little more, so plan accordingly.



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