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Storing Fine Linens At A Lexington Storage Unit

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Many families have fine china and linens that are only taken out for special occasions. These napkins, placemats and tablecloths must be stored in a self-storage Lexington KY facility correctly in order for them to be protected from wear and tear. If they are stored safely, fine linens can last for years and be passed along to the next generation.

Flat Storage Options

When linens are placed in storage in Lexington, KY, there are several different ways to store them. Although they can be hanged up, many people will find it easier to put them into storage rental in Lexington, KY in a flat box or container. Before they are put into storage, they must be completely washed and dried. Often, food or drinks are spilled on table linens during the holidays.

Heavy items like place mats or silverware should always be stored on the bottom. More solid items like tablecloths or napkins can be placed above the placemats. At the very top, fine lace items can be stored. Fine linens should not be ironed before they are stored as ironing can cause the fibers to weaken. If the items are stored for a long time in a storage rental in Lexington, KY, they should be refolded twice a year. This prevents the creases from causing permanent damage.

Choosing an Area

Although self- storage in Lexington, KY is ideal, the fine linens can be stored in any dry and well-ventilated area. Attics and basements are not the best storage locations because the temperature variations can damage the fine linens. Before packing the items away, they should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. The tissue paper has to be free from acid because certain acids can cause white linens to turn yellow. Linens should never be stored in direct contact with any wood, plastic or cardboard. Plastic boxes are not the best choice for storage in Lexington, KY because the chemicals can cause the fabrics to weaken or to turn yellow.

Hanging Linens

When fine linens are needed at a momentís notice, they can be hung up in the storage rental in Lexington, KY. By hanging linens, wrinkles and creases are prevented. Fine linens should be placed on padded hangers. If there are not enough hangers, additional ones should be purchased because there should never be more than one cloth per hanger.

Fine linens are often passed down from generation to generation. Since they will be in use for years to come, they must be taken care of. Each cloth item must be carefully washed, dried and packed so that it is protected from the elements. The location where the fine linens are stored must also be dry and clean. With the proper care and maintenance, fine linens can be kept looking brand new throughout the decades.


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