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Storing Art At Lexington Mini Storage

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† † †As winter drags on, you begin to get a little stir crazy spending the majority of your time indoors.† For a quick, easy, and cheap change of scenery, changing the art hanging on your walls should be your go to tip this season. If you have a newly acquired painting to replace the one in that prime spot over the mantle, or if you are a painter and have a new masterpiece that you want front and center in your home, donít let the art already hanging there stop you. You can store any paintings in your Lexington Mini Storage unit until you get the itch to redecorate again.† Here are some tips on how to properly store your paintings so you can appreciate them for years to come.

†††††††† Choose a climate controlled Lexington Mini Storage storage unit. You do not want your paintings to be exposed to extreme temperature or humidity levels. These conditions can permanently damage your paintings by warping and cracking them. †Make sure your paintings are framed and have backing boards on them. These two precautions will make your artwork more stable during their time in storage, essentially preventing any possible damage from bending or buckling.

† † † †Purchase sheets of glassine to place between each painting if you will be storing multiple paintings. Glassine is a milky white neutral pH paper that will protect the surface of your paintings from dust. Another recommended separator is silicone release paper. †Use two pieces of sturdy, rigid material to separate each painting.† Cardboard can be suitable as long as you use the glassine paper suggested above to protect the canvas from the acidity of cardboard.

†††††††† Always stack paintings vertically on end, like books. Be sure to arrange the frames from largest to smallest. This will keep smaller frames from pressing into larger frames and prevent any distortion of the canvases. You never want to stack them horizontally because the pressure can destroy them.

†††††††† Make sure that you have a sturdy shelf or pallet that will raise the paintings off the floor. This will ensure proper air flow around the paintings and help prevent any mold growth. †If storing your paintings for long periods of time, it is advisable to check them periodically for any damage and to do basic housekeeping on them.

Lexington Mini Storage has climate controlled units that are a perfect solution to your art storage needs. With steady temperature and humidity levels, no direct sunlight and clean conditions, you can rest assured that your paintings will be in good condition until you are ready to enjoy them again.


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