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Storing A Couch With Lexington Mini Storage

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There are many reasons you might want to put a couch into a storage unit with Lexington Mini Storage.  You might be storing it to stage your home, getting ready for a yard sale, renovating your home, or whatever else.  There's a right way and many wrong ways to store a couch, so protect your furniture and store it correctly with Lexington Mini Storage.

1. Make sure that your sofa is clean and completely dry. 

2. Put your couch in a climate controlled storage unit with Lexington Mini Storage.  This will essentially be like putting your extra couch an another room in your house, since the storage unit will stay at room temperature.

3. Lift it up.  Put the couch on wooden pallets to keep it off the ground so that it will be safe.

4. Cover your couch with a cotton sheet.  This will ensure that if your couch is there for an extended period of time, dust won't settle in the cushions.  

5. Your couch isn't another shelf.  Be sure not to stack heavy items on your couch to prevent any unnecessary strain - this will allow your couch to look like new when you get it out of storage.


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