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Storage Unit Tips To Love

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  • Make a sketch of the floor plan in your storage unit, making sure to label items you may want to refind in the near future.
  • Leave a path in the middle of your unit to access all of your stored items.
  • Keep frequently used items at the front of the storage unit. That way, you may easily get to them!
  • Stack your items to the ceiling. This will make the most of your space.
  • Use a stepping stool to reach stacked items. Trying to reach for them could result in injury.
  • Keep basic tools (things like screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, and a mallet) around to condense tables, bed frames, and shelving.
  • Give your boxes air circulation by leaving an inch between stacks.
  • If you are storing a fridge, make use of the space inside by storing books, CDs, and paperwork.
  • Be sure to leave the refrigerator door cracked for allow for air circulation.


Be sure to use these tips at your Lexington Mini-Storage unit!


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