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Storage Tips For The Handyman

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Lexington Mini-Storage has some great tips for all the handymen out there! These ideas are also good to start thinking about as winter approaches and you will be using your outdoor tools less.

Blade saver: use an old garden hose to cover sharp tools like saws. 

OR use a PVC blade saver.

Wrench hanger: hang your wrenches on a belt/tie hanger.

PVC: This is a useful item for so many storage areas, and you can use it here to hang up rakes, shovels, and the like. 

Use old pie plates for storing circular saw blades.

Magnetic bit rack: you'll never lose a bit again.

Pegboards are the answer to everything. Use these for your power tools, hammers, saws, axes, and practically anything that is cluttering your toolbench. 

Use your pegboard to hang your bandsaw blades (with their DIY labels using paper binders).


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