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Storage In A Small Bathroom

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No matter what size bathroom you may have, it seems we are always short on storage space. Here are a few ways to cut down on clutter and increase your storage area, brought to you by Lexington Mini-Storage

Use a file box (preferably metal) to store hot irons or hair driers. This frees up counter space while still allowing them to cool off while you are away.


Use a magnetic strip in the bathroom to keep tweezers, clippers, files, and bobby pins all in one place.

Attach baskets to towel rods to get extra storage space without the added eyesore.

Use PVC to prevent your razors from always falling off the shelves. 

Another use for PVC: use it to store your curling iron or hair dryer (or both!).

Use hanging baskets if you don't have any shelves in your shower or bath area.


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