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Staging Your Home Made Easy

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If youíre thinking about putting your house on the market, or are already in the process of selling your home, you are probably stressed about it all.† To make things easier, make sure that you donít forget to follow these easy steps.† These are common mistakes that homeowners make when staging their home that could potentially ward off interested buyers!


  • Make sure your home is clean
  • Store any clutter in a climate controlled storage unit from Lexington Mini Storage!
  • You want to appeal to a broad audience, so make sure your home isnít over personalized
  • On the same note, neutral colored walls are a safe bet
  • Clean out the closets so they appear more spacious!
  • Make sure your home smells inviting and not like smoke or pets


If you follow these tips, it will help sell your home fast.† As always, Lexington Mini Storage is always here to help during your move!





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