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Spring Cleaning With Lexington Mini Storage

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Springtime is around the corner, which means spring-cleaning is in order.  Whether you conduct a full house cleaning once a year or once a month, you may want to consider renting a self-storage unit to get things out of the way during the process. In addition, cleaning and organizing easily can turn into redecorating. Self-storage facilities are great places to store items for the long-term that do not fit into your updated home design scheme but that you are not ready to toss, sell or donate. ?Below are some spring cleaning tips:

  • Dust everything in your house from the top down.  This prevents dust from settling on things you have already dusted.
  • Be sure to test smoke detectors and make sure that they work.
  • Clear counters and shelves and wash them thoroughly.  Now is a good time to file the important documents in your self-storage unit. Recycle junk mail, outdated magazines and used envelopes.
  • Pull out appliances and wash the sides of the appliances and the floor.
  • When cleaning mattresses and other furniture, consider laying down a tarp and leaving the bedding and upholstery outside on the driveway for a few hours. Some strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation can help eradicate microscopic creatures that are trying to take up residence there.
  • Sort through seasonal clothes. Wash or dry clean them, and sew on buttons or stitch up minor tears. A wardrobe box with a hanging rod will help keep clothes looking good and can easily be placed into your storage unit. Remember to look critically at your garments.
  • As you clean the nooks and crannies, you may find leaky faucets, broken door handles or cracked tiles.  Take time to make these repairs now to prevent them from becoming more serious or costly problems later. Get seldom-used tools out of the way when you are done with the repairs by placing them in your self-storage unit.
  • Remember the small stuff. Sweep the corners where you vacuum does not reach, wash down air vents, clean the dirt from the tracks in your windows and patio doors, and wipe crown molding and window frames.
  • Use a power sprayer to remove grime, empty wasps’ nests and spider webs from exterior walls and windows. Spray down the garage floor while you are at it to rid the space of fluid leaks and road salt or sand that can easily be tracked inside and stain your carpet.
  • Remove lawn furniture from your basement, garage or self-storage unit. Clean it. A good spraying with the hose will usually do the trick. Replace the furniture with snow blowers, snow shovels and winter toys like sleds and snowboards. These bulky items can get in the way when stored at home. As these seasonal items don’t need to be removed often, you may find that when you tuck them away in a self-storage unit you have taken a very


?Spring cleaning may be a lot of work, but the payoff is a brighter, safer home that can give you a new perspective and prepare you to meet life’s other challenges.  For items that you feel need to be removed, Lexington Mini Storage is the perfect location to store those belongings.


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