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Spring Cleaning: Lexington Mini Storage

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With the effects of winter spreading across the majority of the country, many folks don’t want to leave the house unless it’s absolutely mandatory.  When you stay in, however, you don’t have to be bored – make the most out of your time inside by doing some early spring-cleaning by organizing winter accessories.  That way, it will be much easier to store them away once Spring has sprung.

Gloves, hats and scarves are great for keeping you warm, but they can make a mess in your closet or hallway. Here are a few ideas that will keep your gear at the ready and out of your way.

         Over the door shoe organizer.?Use the compartments for hats, gloves, earmuffs, and rolled up scarves. Find one made of clear plastic so that you can see what items are in each compartment. You can even assign a row to each family member so that everyone knows exactly where his or her items are. Or, if you live alone, dedicate each row to a different winter accessory.

        Clear plastic bins or baskets. ?The plastic bins are great for inside hall closets. If you don’t have a closet, decorative baskets can sit on the ground or under a bench. They’re a great way to have everything accessible yet contained. You can organize them by family member or by items (one for hats, one for gloves, one for scarves).

       Hangers and chip clips. ?This is a clever way to keep scarves off the floor and organized…just put a few chip clips (or clothes pins or even those black office clips) on a hanger and use each clip to hang a scarf. You can also use plastic shower curtain rings that you simply thread your scarves through. Keeping your scarves like this, you can color code them and never have to dig to find the right scarf for your day!

 With these simple tips, organizing your winter accessories shouldn’t take more than a couple hours.  Once it finally gets warmer, it’ll be a breeze to take your belongings to Lexington Mini Storage until next winter!

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