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Sports Equipment Storage Tips

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Chances are if you have any children who play sports, or you like to stay brushed up on your jump shot, your garage has a variety of sports equipment strewn about, messy and unorganized.  By using a storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage, you can keep your garage less cluttered by storing your miscellaneous sports equipment in one of your storage units.

It doesn't take much to organize sports equipment, especially if you have a lot to store.  With the help of portable shelving and sports stations that have slots to hang bats and baskets for baseballs, tennis balls, soccer balls and the like, you can save space and keep your sports equipment organized.

You can also keep smaller items such as skate tools, wax, extra parts and small air pumps in stackable plastic bins. That way, they're easy to find and grab without having to look all over your storage unit.

Store equipment you use frequently at the front of the unit, and utilize space closer to the back for seasonal items such as snowboards, sleds or snowshoes.  You can get the job done with Lexington Mini Storage.

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