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Take a moment to think about all the stuff you have in your house. Do you use it all? Is it worth keeping some things in your house that take up space, even if you just use it a few times a year? If the answer is no, here are a few ideas to help you de-clutter your home and reorganize it at the same time.

†Christmas decorations

What you do: After the holiday season is over, you probably dread taking down all the decorations. To expedite the process, you throw everything in your Rubbermaid tubs and hope for the best. Then, you try to make room in your basement or garage for the extra tubs.

Instead, assess what decorations you use and get rid of the ones you donít. Put those handmade or delicate ornaments in empty egg containers, put your strands of lights in individual bags, and sort the decorations by type. Then, move your decorations to a climate controlled storage unit with Lexington Mini Storage.

Household items

What you do: At the end of the day, youíre tired and ready to hit the sack. You toss your jewelry, ponytail holders, and loose change in your nightstand drawer. In the morning, youíre running late and canít seem to find your toothbrush.

Instead, tell yourself that everything has a place. Invest in an empty jar or traditional piggy bank for your loose change, put all your ponytail holders on a carabiner, and invest in an tray to keep all your jewelry organized. Take that same mindset to the bathroom, and place all the items you use everyday in one place, while other items can be put somewhere else.

As always, Lexington Mini Storage will be glad to help with your storage needs! †We have two locations in Lexington, KY and offer climate controlled storage units.

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