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Save Time And Money: College Storage

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Lexington, KY is home to a few different universities: University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, Asbury University, and Bluegrass Community and Technological College.† Not everyone has the luxury of living a commutable distance from Lexington, so Lexington Mini Storage has you covered for storing your belongings that arenít feasible to bring across state lines.

†††††††† Among other things, here are some examples of items you can keep in Lexington Mini Storage.

††††† †

Sofas, futons, easy-chairs

†††††††† Tables and chairs

†††††††† Desks

†††††††† Beds and bedding

†††††††† Rugs

†††††††† Christmas lights, tie-dye tapestries and your Jim Belushi Animal House poster

†††††††† TVs

†††††††† Mini-fridges and other small appliances

†††††††† Dishes, pots and pans

†††††††† Grills

†††††††† Sports gear

†††††††† That ďotherĒ stuff you donít want to keep in your parentsí house

[caption id="attachment_849" align="alignnone" width="300"] This is front gate of climate controlled storage units at Lexington Mini Storage - Hamburg location[/caption]


Lexington Mini Storage has two locations in Lexington, KY that are much closer than taking your belongings to for the summer.† By storing your belongings in self-storage instead of driving them 3+ hours back home, you can save both time and money.† By weighing your car down with the aforementioned items, your gas mileage isnít as efficient as it could be without the unnecessary items you can place in Lexington Mini Storage.† Time is valuable, and by utilizing a self storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage, you can avoid the hassle of move-in days at college.



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