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Repurposing Egg Cartons For Storage

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Lexington Mini-Storage thought you might like these creative uses for egg cartons:

Drawer Dividers: Keep your paper clips, paper binders, rubber bands, erasers, coins, and other items all separate (and prevent them from ending up at the back of the drawer, not to be found for years to come).

Store Christmas Ornaments: Egg cartons are designed to keep fragile eggs safe and prevent cracking. Why not use them for your delicate Christmas ornaments?

Crafting Supplies: Those who are crafters out there know how overwhelmed you can get with all of the your supplies. Keep them all in one place with an egg carton.

Paint Cups: This is for the fingerpainters (and adult painters) out there! Egg cartons will work especially well if you are using a lot of different colors.

Gift Packaging: You can paint, color, or attach designs to the egg carton.

Small Toys or Accessory Storage: Your kids may have a lot of toys with tiny parts or accessories. Make sure they are all accounted for using an egg carton.


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