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Repurposed For Storage: Food And Drink Containers Part 

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Do you have a lot of glass jars that you never quite know what to do with? You could recycle them, but you could also use them to free up that ever-important storage space around your home. Here are a few ideas for repurposing food and drink containers to more efficiently store items in your home, brought you by Lexington Mini-Storage

Never have enough measuring cups? Use yogurt cups to measure ingredients. 

Have that last bit of honey that you can't possibly get out of its container? Make honey lemonade. 

Have trouble figuring out how much spaghetti to cook? Use a standard 20-oz. soda or water bottle to portion out a serving. 

Are you a fan of whiskey? Take your favorite (empty) whiskey bottle and convert it into a soap dispenser. 

Or use it for drinking water.


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