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Repairing A Ceiling From Water Damage

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In the unfortunate event that youíve become a victim from water damage in a ceiling in your home, Lexington Mini Storage wants to help!† Itís important to note, however, when to call in the experts and when you can do it yourself.†


First, get a metal putty knife and start scraping off the water damage.† If this reveals large holes or mushy material, this is when you call in someone who knows more about the issue than you do.† If this just reveals a little bit of flaking, keep going until you have it removed.


Then, sand the area down until it is smooth.†† Once youíve done that, apply an oil-based primer to the ceiling.†† Wait a few hours until the ceiling is dry.† Spackle the area where the damage was done and let is thoroughly dry and then sand it down.† Repeat these steps until the area looks like new.† Then apply primer and paint and it should look good as new!


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