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Renovating? Use Lexington Mini Storage

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When taking on a home improvement project, itís common knowledge that things can get a little hectic.† Lexington Mini Storage can provide you ample storage space to store extra items at home to keep the stress levels at home to a minimum.† If you have move-in crews coming in and out of your home tracking in dirt, dust, and debris, take your belongings to a climate controlled storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage.†

After properly packing up your furniture and delicate items, just put them in your storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage to keep them away from the dusty work zone in your home.† Below are some tips to move larger furniture:

†††††††† -Wrap moving pads or blankets around the pieces to protect them during the move.

†††††††† -Moving a large piece to the doorway to get it out of the house is easier if you use a towel or a blanket underneath so that it slides easily on the floor.

†††††††† -Always use your legs to lift, not your back.† Squat and lift the piece, keeping your back straight and the furniture close to your body.

†††††††† -Use moving straps to lift heavy items with two people.† These are special straps that are designed to distribute weight evenly based on leverage which makes it easier on you and your back.

†††††††† -Lift furniture from its strongest point.

†††††††† -Remove smaller parts from furniture, such as drawers, to lighten your load.


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