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5 Reasons To Use Climate-controlled Storage No Title

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If you are planning on storing your items, you may want to consider these reasons to use climate-controlled storage. Whether it's the heat, cold, or humidity, here are a five reasons to choose to store your items where the weather won't get to them!

1. Temperature Fluctuations

Temperatures above 90 or below 32 degrees can greatly harm your items. Wood, computers, books, musical instruments, and wine are especially affected by temperature fluctuations. 

2. Humidity

Variations in humidity often has ill-effects for items such as wood and wine. Stringed instruments often need a constant humidity to prevent cracking and wood expansion. 

3. High-value Items

Costs of climate-controlled units are often much less than replacing valuable items. Climate-controlled units are often less susceptible to pests that could damage valuable items. Family heirlooms or other sentimental items are irreplaceable, and climate-controlled storage helps preserve the integrity of such items.

4. Storing Items for a Long Period

Going out of the country? You may rest assured that all of your belongings will be in perfect condition when you come back.

5. Frequent Visits to the Storage Area

If you plan on frequenting your storage unit, climate-controlled areas provide more privacy and also more comfortable areas to manage your items. 


Just a few reasons to choose Lexington Mini-Storage for your climate-controlled needs!


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