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Pumpkin Season Is Here

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Itís fall, which means that every variance of pumpkin flavored foods are flying off the shelves.† Along with indulging in pumpkin spiced lattes and whatever else might float your boat, itís a rites of passage to go to the pumpkin patch before Halloween.† What do you do when you found the right pumpkin?† Bring it home to display, of course!† Here are some easy ways to decorate the pumpkin of your dreams.


-Classic Jack-o-lantern

-Paint it

-Stripes, patterns, and polka dots are all easy to paint on (or use a paint pen)

-Painting on a jack-o-lantern face is easy too if you donít want to carve it

-Stack them on top of each other to display

-Bedazzle your pumpkin

-Make designs by sticking thumb tacks in it

-Paint it with chalkboard paint so you can change your designs easily

-Mummify your pumpkin

-Cut out felt pieces (eyes, nose, etc.) and make it a pumpkin version of Mr. Potato Head

-Wrap it in yarn

-Put a mustache on it


If you follow any of these tips, youíre sure to have the most unique pumpkins on the block!††


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