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Prepare For The Holiday Season Now

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After Halloween is over, the rest of the year seems to go by even quicker than the first 10 months of the year.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’ Eve, and numerous birthdays, parties, and relatives coming into town, you need to be prepared.  Here’s how to have a stress-free holiday season!


  1. Get your planner out.  Start discussing with your family who is planning to have who over and when.  That way, you can avoid double booking a day of family fun. 
  2. Plan out your presents now.  Who’s getting what? How much are you going to spend?   Where are you going to go shopping for presents?  If you set a budget, make sure to follow it.
  3. Are you hosting any gatherings?  If so, figure out where everyone will be sitting.  What are you going to fix?  Who all is coming?
  4. Think about Christmas cards.  Are you going to have them professionally done?  Update your list of who will be getting your cards.


The farther in advance you think about all of these things, the less of a headache the day will be because you planned everything in advance.


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