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Planning To Go Out On Black Friday?

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Follow these black friday tips for a less stressful shopping adventure.

1. Ever heard to never go to the grocery store without a list? The same is true for Black Friday. If you have a list, you are less likely to buy things you do not need (and optimize your time at certain stores).

2. Focus your "to-get" list on electronics. These items tend to have the highest discounts. 

3. Check out Black Friday sites and apps. These can really help you with your bargain shopping.

4. Look for doorbuster guarantees. This means the store is obligated to provide the item if you arrive in a certain time frame.

5. Go online. Some stores offer doorbusters for a limited time online, and most stores are increasingly encouraging online shopping (this also saves you from waiting in lines for hours on end).

AND remember to rent a storage unit from Lexington Mini-Storage to store those top-secret holiday gifts!


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