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Overwhelmed By Cords And Chargers?

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With technology comes cords and chargers. These tips will help make your cord storage, whether at home, in your office, or at Lexington Mini Storage, pain-free.

1. Organize. Use an DIY organizer. Upcycle toilet paper rolls and use them as individual pockets for your various cords. If you are in the creative mood, you can even decorate the rolls (or color-code!). 


2. Wall Socket Plate. Is your power cord for your computer extra long? What about that frequently used extension cord near your workbench? This wall socket plate allows you to shorten the length or wrap your entire cord around it for storage purposes.


3. Hide. Technology has (thankfully) come with clever ways to hide your cord mess. 

4. Charging Station. For those frequently (and frequently charged) gadgets.


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