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Mini Tips: 7 Little Known Moving Tips

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Anywhere you look on the web, you're bound to see numerous websites and articles telling you pretty well known, common tips on moving.  Here at Lexington Mini Storage, we've pondered the best kept secrets of the moving world so you can keep your move as stress free as possible.

1.  For clothes that you hang, keep them on the hanger!  This saves you from taking each shirt of the hanger and folding it, then unfolding and putting it back on the hanger.  This will save you a lot of time, and you didn't have to do anything!

2. Pack your boxes by room and be sure to label them.  That way, you go straight to whatever room the box is for - no hassle!

3. Figuring out how all your electronics (TV, Xbox, Blu-Ray player) can be frustrating for everyone.  Before pulling the plug, take pictures of how the wiring is installed so you can easily replicate it.

4. Keep any frequently used moving tools (i.e. hammer, measuring tape, duct tape) in its own container or bag.  That way, you know where these items are at all times and you don't have to waste time looking for them.

5. Similar to leaving your clothes on the hanger, the same goes for drawers.  Just take them out, stack them, and then put them back in.

6. If you have to take any large items of furniture apart, keep all the screws, nuts, or bolts in a separate bag and label the bag accordingly.

7.  If you have a large area rug, splurge and get it professionally cleaned. See this article for more tips on moving an area rug!

What are some of the ways you have made moving easier?


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