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Mini Tip: Saving Space In The Bathroom

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There's a reason looking in someone else's medicine cabinet when visiting their house is considered a faux pas - it probably isn't the most organized.  If you're looking to use your space more efficiently or become more organized in general, here are some easy, DIY ideas for even the smallest bathroom:

  • Install storage bins on the inside of your cabinets
  • Be sure to utilize the back of the door as easy hanging space
  • Expandable under the sink organizers are a great option too
  • Group like items together in larger baskets or bins
  • Find a deep enough wicker basket and hang it sideways - instant towel storage
  • Paint it! Certain paint combinations make your bathroom appear more spacious
  • A magnetic strip on the wall can save you tons of counter space 
  • Add a shelf above the door frame
  • Hanging metal bins or baskets are a good way to store your hairdryer, straightener, etc.
  • For the medicine cabinet:

                        Clear, plastic containers make it easy to see what you're storing 

                        Group like items together

                        Periodically check and get rid of items past the expiration date


What are some ways you've saved space in your bathroom?


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