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Mini Tip: Rental Property Faqs

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Moving from one rental property to another can be a pain. Is it better to wait until your current lease is up before looking for your next rental?† Do you overlap your leases?† Lexington Mini Storage has all the answers for you!

†When do I look for rental properties?

It is probably best to look for your next rental while you are currently renting to someone else.† It would be unfortunate for your lease to end and then you donít have somewhere to move afterward.

†Should I overlap my leases?

Depends on the situation.† If you donít have anything planned after your current lease ends (vacation, visiting friends out of town, etc.) then it would be best for your leases to overlap.† That way, you can gradually move items from your current place to your new home.††† If you plan to be out of town for a little bit after your current lease ends, we suggest investing in a climate controlled storage unit with Lexington Mini Storage.

Should I rent from an individual or a large corporation?

That also depends on your situation, and the potential landlord.† Typically, individual landlords have the potential to be more flexible and lenient on their policies.† Large corporations that own apartment complexes are usually less sympathetic toward tenants who need to move in a day or two early (i.e. you might have to pay a large fee to do so).

†Itís also important to look at your lease thoroughly before signing it.† You need to be sure that the landlord complies with his or her end of the lease and your rights as a tenant are respected.† These may vary by state.†

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