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Mini Tip: Organize Your Keys

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Between work and home and your Lexington Mini Storage unit, there are numerous places that need to be locked and unlocked. †The problem is that so many keys look alike that itís difficult to keep track of them all. Keep reading to learn how to organize keys!

First, free all your keys from their key chains. Separate your keys by category: work, home, etc. Itís preferable to have a separate key chain for work and home so that you donít have to carry all of them at the same time, all the time.

†Next, organize your keys into an order that makes sense. If you have a certain order that you open/unlock things, follow that in your mind and place the keys in that order. For example: place your key for the front door of your home first, then place your garage key next to that, then your car key, etc.

†Once you have your home and work keys sorted, you can color code your keys by painting the heads of them with the nail polish or other type of paint. Red for the front door, blue for the garage, green for the basement. Get creative! Be sure to put at least two coats on so that the color will last. †To make it easier to paint your keys, lay them on the edge of a table so that the heads hang over and tape the blades to the countertop. This will allow you hands free painting and will let them dry without sticking.

†Now that your keys are color coded, itís time to put them onto their respective key rings.† Just like that, you have all of your keys organized and you wonít ever have to worry about fidgeting with your keychain, wondering which key opens up your Lexington Mini Storage unit.


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