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Mini Tip: Mason Jars

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Mason jars have been around for a while – recently, they’re seeing a boost in popularity.  The reason behind it may be hard to decipher, but having them in your home is a definite sign of being with the times.  You don’t have to use your jars just for canning, either.  Here’s some ways to get the most out of yours:

  • Reuse them as lighting accessories
  • Store small items in them for organization (chip bag clips, magnets, etc.)
  • Use them as drinking glasses
  • Create some cool outdoor lanterns
  • Perfect southern candle holders
  • Use it as a flower vase
  • Make a small lamp out of one
  • Use it as a soap dispenser
  • Perfect food storage for smaller items
  • Stack them for decoration

What ways do you use your mason jars? Lexington Mini Storage wants to know!

[caption id="attachment_1191" align="alignnone" width="217"] DIY Mason jar soap dispenser[/caption]


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