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Mini Tip: Keeping Cords Neat No Title

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Technology is becoming an integral part in day-to-day life in society.† As a result, everyone has large amounts of cords that go to different devices, such as cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players; the list goes on.†

To save time from having to untangle every cord in your home, Lexington Mini Storage has provided you with a few tips to keep your cords tangle-free and your life stress-free.

Label with painterís tape.†When you have several different items plugged into a strip outlet, itís impossible to know what cord belongs to what electronic item.† Avoid this conundrum by taking a bit of blue painterís tape, wrapping it around the cord by the wall plug end, and sticking it to itself to create a flat ďlabel.Ē† Use a permanent marker and write what itís for. Youíll thank yourself for the effort the next time you have to unplug your DVD player from the power strip behind your TV. This is sure to save you the headache of unplugging the wrong thing!


Bag loose cords.†Donít just throw all of the extra cords you have into a drawer - they will get tangled and youíll never be able to remember what gadget they belong to.† Put each cord into a ziplock baggie and write what itís to on the baggie with a permanent marker. Only then can you toss the cord into a drawer or box designated for loose cords.

Zip tie unruly cords.†Thereís always an unusually long or unwieldy cord in any bunch of cords. Donít let them get in the way! Contain them by neatly coiling the extra cord and then secure it with a plastic zip tie.† Now you wonít have a mess behind your desk or entertainment center.


Binder clips.?†Often, we need cords accessible only when we need to charge something. But what happens when weíre done charging? The cord flops all around, falls behind your desk or worse, breaks because you step on it. Donít run the risk! Use a paper binder clip to keep loose cords that arenít in use organized. Simply squeeze one of the handles so that it pops out of its plastic part, thread your cord through it, then reattach it to the clip. Then, you can place the clip on the edge of your desk or table voila! Now the cord is able to slide out when you need to charge your item and when youíre done, it can slide back, but not get lost!

†If you have any other tips to keep your abundance of cords neat, let us know!


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