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Mini Tip: Dealing With Outside Noise

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Everyone in the real estate market knows that the number one rule is location, location, location.   Your location might be great in regards to your commute to school or work, but it might not be a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs.  If you deal with the loud noises of traffic, sirens, construction, and the hustle and bustle of town, here are some tips to cope with the issue:

 Curtains. Thick curtains hung over your windows can help with noise reduction.  If your situation is extreme, there are noise canceling curtains available.

Book shelves. The exterior walls of your home are the ones most vulnerable from letting noise seep into your home.  Try adding bookshelves to those parts of your home, as the books will help absorb the noise.  Fabric, clothing racks, or linen closets are also good alternatives.

 White noise. Some people may find that a white noise machine can help distract from other noises.

Earplugs. The cheapest option out there, you might have to resort to earplugs to do that job.

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