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Making The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

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The next time you’re in your kitchen, take a look at your cabinets.  Do you have that awkward, wasted space between the cabinets and the ceiling?  If you answered yes, don’t fret!  Lexington Mini Storage has some tips so that space can benefit you!


  • Use some type of container to store items that are seldom used
  • Store extra books (cook books could be handy)
  • Add some type of artwork
  • Put collectible dishes on display
  • Store wine bottles
  • Add another shelf, if the space allows it
  • Fill the space in with soffit
  • Move the cabinets up so they’re taller


These are just a few options that you have when it comes to that awkward above-cabinet space.  Have you come up with any creative solutions to solve the problem?




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