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Make The Most Of Your Closet

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Here are a few tips for making the most out of your closet space. 

1. Cut down on inventory. It's difficult to do, but it's a necessary evil.

2. Make extra rod space by building your own DIY clothes and shoes rack. 

3. If you aren't in a DIY mood, double your rod space by hanging a second rod below your first (all you need is a wooden dowel, rope, and knot-tying skills).

4. Use chains and s-hooks to hang multiple clothes in the same spot.

5. Get a cheap tie hanger for all of your tank tops.

6. Hang your tie hanger against the wall. It will take up less space that way, while still allowing your ties to hang flat.

7. Hang scarves on the inside of doors.

8. Use shower curtain rings to hang scarves from a hanger.

9. Repurpose old shoeboxes and use them for drawer organizers. 

10. Keep your shoes organized in a wine box or under furniture.

11. Store seasonal clothes in a trunk or bench (it will double as a spot to sit!).


Remember, if you still can't find extra space for storage, contact Lexington Mini-Storage!


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