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Lexington Mini Storage: Seasonal Weather Changes

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If you’re from Kentucky, you know that the weather is hardly the same for more than a few weeks.  Cold fronts, warm fronts, rain, snow, sleet, tornados, and storms are all things Kentuckians must face every year; some even encounter this type of weather in one season.

 If you’re a college student, or just don’t have enough storage as you would like at your home, Lexington Mini Storage is a great option to keep all of your out of season clothing items when you don’t need them.  Below are some tips to have efficient wardrobe transitions as the weather changes throughout the year.

 Summer is a relatively stable time in Lexington.   The weather is warm, although there may be a couple cold fronts. In your closet, you should keep most warm weather clothing, as well as a few pairs of pants and a rain jacket. 

 When summer turns into fall, it is recommended to bring in some additional clothing for the cooler weather that will be coming in as the season progresses.  Since the fall season is a transition into winter, it is important to keep both warm weather and cold weather articles of clothing in your closet.  If you don’t have room for both types of clothing, you can keep the excess clothing at a climate controlled storage unit at Lexington Mini Storage.  

 Once winter arrives, you most likely won’t need your summer clothes anymore.  Before the onset of winter arrives, change out the rest of your closet to all of your winter clothing and put all of your summer and spring clothing into storage at Lexington Mini Storage.

 Residents of Lexington never know how long winter will last.  If we’re lucky, it will only last until mid-march.  More times than not, unfortunately, winter lasts into April and we finally get to see some spring-like weather.  When you get the feeling that spring has sprung, you can finally go back to your Lexington Mini Storage unit and take out some shorts and short sleeve t-shirts.  It is important to keep some winter clothing, however, in case winter decides it doesn’t want to leave just yet.

 Some spring seasons last a whole season, while other Spring seasons last a few weeks until the warmer weather of Summer start to come in.  Until then, keep a few pants and jackets handy.  Once you’re sure that winter is over, you can put those clothing items back into storage and repeat the cycle all over again once fall comes around.

 As always, Lexington Mini Storage is a great option to keep extra clothing and other seasonal items in storage when they’re not in use!



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