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Lexington Mini Storage's College Storage Tips

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.College students are known to be able to make the most out of their small dorm rooms and apartments. †Depending on the time of year, it may be tricky to find a cheap, available self-storage space right away, especially if you live in a small to medium-sized college town.†

If you just want to free up some space during the semester, Lexington Mini Storage offers climate controlled storage units at an affordable price.† That way, you donít have to continually ship your belongings to and from school and home.†

To make sure you are happy with your storage unit, here are some questions to ask before renting a storage unit:

  • How is the security?† (Cameras, personnel, fencing around property, etc.)
    • Is there a sign-up, administration or deposit fee?
    • Do you need to provide your own lock?
    • What happens to your stuff if you forget to pay or your automatic credit card payment doesnít go through?
    • Are there late payment fees?
    • What can you store there?

?Now that you have a self-storage unit, what do you store?† Some places offer outdoor storage, which works great for your car if you have to leave it over spring or summer break. Others offer special features like air conditioning or climate control that protect your goods from extreme temperatures and humidity. Things to be stored include old textbooks, seasonal clothes, clothes you know you are not going to wear until maybe next Halloween, and that box youíve had since freshman year that you know is not important enough to take the time to open.??Here are a few tips to help make things easy to find in your self storage unit:

  • Label boxes.
  • Place least likely to be used items in back.
  • Place breakables on top.
  • Leave space between rows of boxes, so you can walk between them.
  • Consider adding shelves.

Lexington Mini Storage offers climate controlled storage units with two different locations in Lexington, KY.

[caption id="attachment_214" align="alignnone" width="199"] Packing for college is easy with Lexington Mini Storage[/caption]


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